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THE SHORE is a first-person – open world – survival – horror game, focused on a mythology that goes deep through the core of the lovecraft’s creations. While heavily inspired by Dear Esther there are also strong aspects of a survival game. The game takes place on a forbidden island after the protagonist ends up as a castaway, his will to find his daughter back is what keeps him alive.

THE WORLD A breathtaking island far away from civilization, explore and discover secrets. Survive agaisnt the lovecreaftian entities and far more, Gather, Craft and Hunt. Explore the mysterious caves, Listen to the stories of previous survivors.

A TRUE CASTAWAY Cut down trees to build and reinforce your fortress, Hunt down crabs, lizards, and more.. Create weapons to defend yourself.

THE ENTITIES Counter numerous and unique entities. Creatures and gods that reach every aspect of the lovecraftian mythos.

THE VOID A mysterious realm that will question the protagonist’s sanity Discover artifacts that will grant you knowledge and gain advantage over the entities.

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