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Incredible Atmosphere

Full Controller Support

Catchy Battles

Image their gathered. Every. Called together signs winged, unto midst sea life air them. Us sea them shall you saw.


Local Saves and Cloud Steam Saves enabled

About The Game

THE SHORE is a game that focused on mystery of the unknown with horror elements on a forbidden island, the whole story is based on a mythology that goes deep through the core of the lovecraft’s creations and far more. From the player perspective you will experience an atmospheric gameplay environment. While  the player will counter the most nightmarish lovecraftian entities. They are gonna hunt you and threat your daughter’s life, such deed will require to explore the environment while trying to survive and discover the secrets to solve the mystery that question the character’s sanity.

Horrific Entities

Mysteries to Solve


The Shore

Survive agaisnt the worst NIGHTMARES
TheShore Game

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